Invasion via Turkey Increases: 3,408 Detained in September

The mass nonwhite invasion of Europe via Turkey is starting to pick up steam once again, with 3,408 invaders being intercepted by the Turkish Coast Guard in September alone—a dramatic increase from May when only 1,236 were intercepted.

According to a report in the official Turkish government news source, the Anadolu Agency (AA), the number of invaders taken into custody by Turkish security forces in September was the highest number of migrants since October 2016.

Turkish Coast Guards found 3,408 invaders offshore Turkey in September, while 15,470 have been held over the last nine months, according to Coast Guard figures.

By way of comparison, this year, 756 invaders were stopped in January and 719 in February. The number doubled in March to 1,501 and 1,551 others were detained in April.

These numbers rose dramatically in August to 2,668 before rising to over 3,400 in September.

On the Black Sea, which has become a new route for the nonwhite invasion of Europe, invaders on their way to European countries were found by joint actions by law-enforcement officers from Turkey’s Interior Ministry and coast guards.

However, since September 22, there has not been any recorded illegal crossing on Black Sea, the Coast Guard figures added.

Apart from 15,470 invaders held offshore by coast guards, a further 5,168 were detained before they could reach the sea, during the joint operations by Turkey’s gendarmerie and coast guard.

In the past seven years, the country has intercepted 644,171 invaders destined for Europe. The origin nations of the invaders include Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Congo, Bangladesh, Somalia and the Palestinian territories.

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