Refugee-Terrorists “Instructed by ISIS”

At least two of the refugee-terrorists who carried out attacks in Germany were receiving instructions via telephones registered in Saudi Arabia, German police have confirmed.

Refugee-terrorists Riaz Khan Ahmadzai—the train ax attacker—and Ansbach bomber Mohammad Daleel both received specific orders by text messages before their attacks.


Chat transcripts obtained by the German police also revealed that at least one of the nonwhite terrorists was planning to strike again.

Ahmadzai—who was a Pakistani pretending to be an Afghan “refugee,” and who seriously injured several people on a regional train with an ax and knife on July 18, also left a good-bye message before engaging in the attack. “We’ll see each other in paradise,” he wrote.

In chats conducted prior to the attack, an ISIS contact man suggested to the invader that he drive a car into a mass of people.

This was exactly the same attack tactic used by the legally resident nonwhite immigrant in France, Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, in an attack in Nice on July 14.

Ahmadzai said he could not get a truck, because he did not have a driver’s license. Instead, he wrote to his ISIS contact, he would board a train and attack passengers—which was exactly what he did.

Mohammed Daleel—who claimed to be a Syrian—was apparently on his way to deposit a backpack containing explosives within a crowd at a music festival in the city of Ansbach, police said.

The backpack was to have been detonated remotely, because just prior to the explosion going off, his ISIS contact man sent Daleel a message to film the detonation and send the video to ISIS for release on the Internet.

However, the bomb appears to have detonated prematurely, killing Daleel and injuring 15 others.

Other chats recovered between Daleel and his ISIS handler discuss further attacks, and in one, Daleel’s face is concealed behind a veil in a video in which he claims responsibility for the attacks, which investigators view as a sign that he may have been planning further ones.

Investigators also found further bomb-making materials in the apartment where he was staying.

The evidence uncovered so far is further proof that the series of attacks—which the controlled media and its establishment backers are still claiming to be the work of “deranged individuals”—are in fact being coordinated directly from the Islamist headquarters.

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  1. I take it then that ISIS instructed these killers to go out & get them selves a mental health problem which their allies in the German government can the use to excuse the poor killers who obviously were bullied at school, not to mention their parents not giving them proper toilet training!

    How can anyone ever believe a word that comes from the mouths of their so called leaders???

  2. If you look at what Saudi Arabia finances you wouldn’t be surprised that this country is at the root of the problem. I remember vividly when I lived there the English papers daily extolled the virtues of the spread of Islam in Africa with Saudi help. That was before the days of Boko Haram and all the rest of the Muslim gangs of terrorists in Africa that grew as a result of Saudi ‘generosity’. Many mosques around the World are financed by Saudi. I recall reading somewhere that the banning of flights in and out of the US immediately after 9/11 was not applied to a Saudi private jet which carried virtually all Saudi Embassy staff apparently………………………

    1. As you know, Saudi is at the root of a lot of problems across the world, I also saw that when I was there. From memory, they used ‘beating the feet of suspects’ to obtain confessions and yet the western world did nothing, because of the trade factor.

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