Dutch Riot against Nonwhite Invaders

Europe inched another bit closer to civil war this week when shots were fired as thousands of Dutch patriots rioted in the town of Geldermalsen on Wednesday during a meeting held to discuss the opening of a local nonwhite invader center.

According to Dutch police, some 2,000 Dutch people—men and women—tore down steel barricades in an attempt to get at the far-leftist politicians holding the meeting in the city council buildings.


The politicians fled the council chamber in terror as the crowd vented its anger at their decision to import at least 1,500 “asylum seekers” into the town.

Police fired live warning rounds into the air in an unsuccessful attempt to disperse the angry crowd, and when that failed, they used batons.

riot-01 riot-02
riot-04 riot-05 riot-06 riot-07 riot-08 riot-09 riot-10

The large crowd of Dutch patriots—who heavily outnumbered the police—were forced to defend themselves and a physical fight ensued.

One 39-year-old woman was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized with brain injuries after being struck on the head by a police baton. Her prognosis was described as “poor” by the hospital.

Several other patriots were also injured, along with at least two policemen.

As the leftist politicians fled through an underground passage, the angry crowd of patriots bombarded the council building with stones, fireworks, and smoke bombs, which filled the council chambers with thick smoke.

riot-11 riot-12 riot-14

The crowd chanted slogans such as “1,500 is too many” and “Away with the AZC” (AZC is the Dutch abbreviation for asylum center), and carried posters and placards with the same message.

More police reserves were brought in, and eventually fourteen patriots were arrested, local media reported. Six were subsequently released without charge, but the remaining eight—including two minors—were held pending charges of public violence, police said.

A police spokesman told the Dutch media that they expected to make several more arrests over the next few days.

The incident was the biggest display of anti-invader sentiment in the Netherlands since patriots attacked a “Syrian refugee” center in October.

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  1. When are the fascistic police going to say “Enough, we’re not prepared to use force against our own people in favour of illegal invaders any longer”?

    This isn’t why your forefathers fought for freedom, this is a travesty of civil justice, and an insult to their sacrifice.

    1. Yes Stu, it’s almost unimaginable in such a peacefull country like Netherlands, isn’t it? How often there are barricades and full gear equipped police to “protect” city council meeting in Holland? Mother Angela of Berlin knowingly or not is actually responsible for that – it’s bloody sickening!

  2. Be in no doubt of this whatsoever, all ye, that the Dutch political class CAN and WILL use LIVE AMMUNITION to gun down and KILL ethnic Dutchmen protesting against the giveaway of their motherland to aggressive alien invaders, in order to defend the ‘human rights’ of the invaders.

    Yes the same politicians that loudly proclaim their ‘humanitarianism’ in foisting invaders on historic European nations will glory in slaughtering ethnic Europeans like flies.

    Don’t doubt this for a second or think that I am making thus up to shock or enrage.

    I KNOW how those bastards act and think only TOO WELL.

    1. Jon, I haven’t heard of any case that Dutch govt. would use live ammunition directly against protesting people to cause any harm, have you? I’d curious to know.

      However, what I know is that in 2004, following the assassination of Pim Fortuyn and the killing of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch government declared that Dutch values and norms were binding for all citizens and even forced all immigrants to attend language schools at their own expense which is unheard of in many Western countries. Furthermore they deported 26,000 illegals in a very sprrdy fashion despite the fact most of them have lived in Holland for years.

      1. unfortunately, it’s going to take people going to prison or getting killed to fight for our nations. Understand they are trying to KILL us by any means possible. If they’re going to do that, at least make it hard for them.

  3. Very impressive indeed. Especially that it comes from the very “diversed” Holland!

    Is that woman in hijab a member of the city council by any chance? There are plenty of Turkish, Moroccans and Iraqis (circa 5% of the total population) in Holland. Looks like the assasination of Theo van Gogh by a Dutch-born muslim nut was a bit too much for this otherwise very open minded nation.

    1. The Dutch ran, or owned, or something, the Dutch East Indies, and there are links a bit like Brits and India. The Dutch have e.g. multiple dishes in some of their meals copied from the Dutch East Indies. I suspect the money-making aspect, as with the British in India and South Africa, was run by Jews, with the dim military types having little idea what went on. And of course the East Indies and Indians and so on had, if possible, even less idea.

      1. Didn’t know that women from Dutch East Indies wear hijabs 🙂

        But seriously, I’m aware of thier colonial past but how can you explain there are more immigrants from Marocco than from Surinam in Holland? Why the heck their leftists loonies started in the 80′ so called “Polder Model” of mixing Dutch society with muslim immigrants while population density in Holland being an “impressive” 400 people per sq. km? In any case this is the only Western European nation so far which showed serious cojones by charging those nitwits in the city council during speech of this ugly bitch in hijab – priceless!

      2. People in European countries believe that Marxists and Muslims are the main threat. As Jews do not display negative attitude, anyway in public,most people do not think of them as something alien/different. Besides, who would dare to bring the “anti-Semite” label on themselves?

        1. Alicia, how about Jewish marxist then? Aren’t they perhaps even greater threat?

          Muslims are currently the biggest problem for Europe in many ways: cultural threat and financial burden especially with never ending demands for all kinds of concessions from societes they parasite on. Many can argue that islam is not just religion!

  4. Even the tiny, mercenary little mind of a policeman should know that if you hit a woman hard over the head with a wooden truncheon, you are quite likely to kill her.

  5. Europe will burn because these invaders are being foisted on their citizens. Everybody wants to help, but nobody wants to be invaded!

  6. it’s disgusting how on some sites the dutch were described as hooligans when they are protesting about what is happening in their own country I am amazed at how all of the leaders in various countries of the EU are behaving. May the people of Europe keep protesting that is the only weapon we have to fight back.

  7. Hard to believe a dutch woman injured by a police baton in her own home town for protesting the islamic invasion. Reportedly critically injured while socialists in government turn a blind eye to crime, rape and an obvious invasion of young joy seekers and jihadist men. No wonder dutch rage is at boiling point as it is all over europe. Think its time for some Brits to seriously wake up and take stock of what dire straits they are in. Surely brits are now fully awake and aware that they have no freedom of speech against certain peoples and that they better not mention white or national or ethnic brit in the same sentence? Really? Seriously? Not interested anyone? Even when british police or anti terror groups say muslims only provide a tiny portion of help against extremists? You know those loyal british muslims I mean. The ones screaming on the BBc that they have a right to be in England while they really don’t identify as english at all. Sound crazy, disloyal, ridiculous to anyone else? Are we witnessing the quiet ethno- cide of britain? And while england looks increasingly like a third world hellhole cameron tries to ridicule donald trump. Really? Maybe someone better inform the downright dumb cameron that you can’t throw stones while your own ship in sinking.

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