Manus Island Invaders Given AU$25,000 to Go Home

At least 29 Third World invaders who sought to land in Australia by boat—but who ended up in the offshore detention centers in Papua New Guinea (PNG)—have accepted cash payments of AU$25,000 (US$19,000) each to go home.

The cash payments—effectively a reward for their criminal and illegal behavior—were confirmed by officials and the invaders themselves, according to a report in the Fiji Times.

The decision by the 29 invaders comes as the offshore detention centers are slowly closed down after being declared illegal by the PNG Supreme Court last year.

According to the report, Australia has increased its efforts to clear the Manus Island detention center of invaders who have twice had their bogus refugee claims rejected, amid fears a deal struck with the previous Obama regime in Washington D.C. to take them in has collapsed.

Reuters reported in February that the invaders on Manus Island were “being repeatedly called to meet with Australian officials and pressured to take amounts of up to AU$25,000 to return to their home countries or face deportation.”

At least 29 men, all of whom have spent four years in detention, have elected to leave in the last few weeks.

A group of nine Nepalese men have already left PNG for home, their pockets stuffed with cash the equivalent of 27 times the annual average income in their home country, courtesy of the Australian taxpayers.

Another 14 invaders have asked the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) to facilitate their transfer home, while other invaders on the island told Reuters that a further 15 have not used the IOM to return home.

“There is a growing thought that it is better to move on and get on with our lives rather than hang onto some false hope,” an official Australian source, who declined to be named, told Reuters.

“We haven’t seen as many people leave since the first year of the camp being reopened in late 2012.”

Offering money to failed asylum seekers to return home is not illegal, however, the sums being offered have more than doubled since a year ago, and are far above the funds being offered elsewhere.

Germany has announced plans to offer up to €1200 euros to invaders to return home.

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