Number of Third World “Athletes” Attempting to Invade Australia after Commonwealth Games Reaches 100

The number of nonwhite “athletes” and “officials” from Third World countries who are attempting to invade Australia by “vanishing” after the Commonwealth Games in that nation is as high as 100, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has reported.

Simplice Fotsala, a 29-year-old boxer from Cameroon who “went missing” before the end of the Commonwealth Games, poses in Melbourne.

The report quoted “refugee lawyer” David Mann as saying that some of the Commonwealth Games athletes who remain in the country are having their applications for asylum “fast-tracked” by the government.

Refugee lawyers in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra have told the media they have been in contact with five of the “athletes” who have all applied for “asylum” in Canberra.

According to the report, the five have been granted “bridging visas,” and remain in the country lawfully.

The visas originally offered to the “athletes” all expired on Tuesday this week and the numbers now seeking “asylum” continues to grow each day as the nonwhites realize they can take advantage of white liberals.

The “Refugee Council” president, Phil Glendenning—a prime example of the sort of white liberal who is the cause of the problem—was quoted on Australia’s Radio National Breakfast as saying that after the 2006 [Melbourne Commonwealth] Games, 45 nonwhites stayed on in Australia, and after the 2000 [Sydney] Olympics, 145 stayed and 35 applied for asylum. We saw the same thing with World Catholic Youth Day, it’s not unusual.”

It was previously reported up to 19 athletes disappeared during the Games last month, including a third of the Cameroon team, sparking a nationwide search. Others hailed from Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone.

A number of the country’s officials also disappeared.

Rwanda’s weightlifting coach excused himself to go to the toilet while his team competed last month — and never came back.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton issued a number of warnings to athletes who might plan on overstaying their visas.

He warned them the government would not tolerate athletes “gaming” the system.

“As I’ve said in relation to people who have travelled to Australia on visas associated with the Commonwealth Games, people have conditions of the visas to meet,” the Home Affairs Minister told reporters on Tuesday.

“If they breach the conditions, they’re subject to enforcement action, and I would say to anyone that is outside of the conditions of their visa … to make contact with the Border Force so arrangements can be made for that person to be returned to their country of origin,” he added.

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  1. The ‘do-gooders’ who want to welcome these people to stay – irrespective of which country it applies to – should be asked to contribute the money it costs the government to resolve this fiasco. Why should the taxpayer keep funding the ideas of the useless and negligent elected representatives who have condoned this stupidity?

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