Invasion Caravan Sets off from Mexico City on its Way to US Border

At least 4,000 nonwhite invaders have set off from Mexico City on their way north to demand that white taxpayers in America give them free accommodation, food, and money—all because they have successfully destroyed their own countries.

According to reports from the Mexican capital, the invasion force—consisting of Central Americans from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,  and Nicaragua—have refused an “asylum” offer in Mexico and preferred in instead to seek to parasite off America’s taxpayers.

“We’re hungry, we can’t keep waiting, we’re moving on,” Honduran invader Roni Suazo told Reuters news agency. “Our mission is to go to the United States, not Mexico.”

The invaders had had spent the week in a sports complex in Mexico City, where they received medical attention along with food and water provided by the United Nations’ High Commission on Refugees.

The invaders plan to take the metro to the outskirts of the Mexican capital and continue on to Queretaro, then Guadalajara, Culiacan and Hermosillo before reaching Tijuana on the US-Mexico border, said Nashieli Ramirez, who heads Mexico’s Human Rights Commission.

Although Mexico City lies only 600 miles (965 kilometers) to the closest US border entry point, caravan organizers said it was far too dangerous due to “violent gangs” operating in that area.

Instead, they have opted for a 1,740-mile (2,800-kilometer) route to Tijuana, one that they consider less dangerous.

However, the route will still take the caravan through territories known for drug violence, including Sinaloa state, where Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman once ran one of the deadliest cartels in modern history.

Their departure comes a day after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that suspends the means for invaders who entered illegally into the country from seeking asylum.

Shortly after Trump announced the executive order, far left pro-invasion activists posing as “civil rights groups” sued in a San Francisco court, seeking an injunction.

The groups argued that Trump’s order violates the US Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows anyone in the country to apply for asylum and is not contingent on how they entered.

“President Trump’s new asylum ban is illegal,” said Omar Jadwat at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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  1. THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES! The UN is fostering and promoting illegal migrants to invade the USA. Why doesn’t Trump threaten to pull out of the UN? Of course, he like all Presidents before him are ‘under the thumb’ of the Jewish Lobby.

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